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Ça pourrait être toi!

Tous les jeudis et les samedis de l’été, réserve un essai avec l’une de nos coachs! Cet essai comprend un cours d’introduction, puis l’utilisation d’une planche jusqu’à épuisement de la batterie (environ une heure)!

Viens découvrir les jetboards
électriques de Radinn

L’équipe de Yogi Nomade et de Buy Motorized Surfboard débarquent au Lac-Sergent, à seulement 30 minutes de Québec, pour te faire découvrir les planches de surf motorisées de Radinn. Viens passer la journée au bord de l’eau avec ta famille et tes amis!

Unlimited freedom guaranteed

You’ll be amazed by the freedom a Radinn jetboard can give you! Every pond, river, bay or lake will be yours to explore.

Our motorized surfboard

Find out which board is perfect for you


The Radinn App connects to your board to give you full insight into your experience. Download logs of your adventures and check the speed, duration and distance of each session. The satellite map integration tracks your rides and saves your journey so you can relive and share your experience once you’re back on land.


Ride all year long

Still think water sports and jetsurfing are for summer only With its great stability, buoyancy and flexibility, Radinn motorized surfboards will guide you along the icy landscapes in cold winter waters, or through the colorful mountains in fall, leaves drifting down onto your feet as you ride.

Go on an adventure wherever you want

So, ready for a new thrilling kind of surfing experience? Just pack your board in your car, get your friends and family and let’s ride!

Radinn’s advantages


No trips to the gas station or smelly fumes to worry about.


Powerful jetpack provides plenty of speed and acceleration!

Long Range

Industry-leading batteries give you a longer ride time and let you go further!


Focus on your ride and listen to the water and waves instead of loud engine noises.


Wireless updates add functionality and improve the user experience over time.

No maintenance

Just rinse off with fresh water and you’re ready to enjoy the sunset.


Use your existing jetpack in a second board shape with Radinn’s easily swappable design.